A Family Day and My Robin

Yesterday was a lovely day overall. The weather wasn’t a highlight but it was warm enough to spend some time in the garden. So I sat in my garden, next to my eldest daughter and her husband, sipping the tea that my lovely Parrot decided to make for me (“here you go mummy, I made you some tea, do you like it?”) and watching my younger two play with Robin.

Let me tell you some more about my sunny little Robin. She was a May Day baby (I love it when birthdays fall on special dates like that! Okay, having a birthday at christmas isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but I know someone whose 3 children were born on the Spring Equinox, the Summer Solstice and Halloween – and I think that’s fantastic!)  and so she is now 13 months old.

– She recently took her first steps but is obviously unsteady on her feet and prefers her crazy fast crawl by far

– She says ‘Dada’, ‘Mama’, ‘Gabaa/Gamaa’ (that’s ME!!), Bug/Buggie (as in an insect, not her pram) and Buk (book) A LOT! She just loves to chat. She shriekes and giggles and points and coos and belly laughs – and wails and screams and howls as well, but lets not go there now ;) Kestrel is trying to get her to say ‘Kestrel’ and half succeeded. She also says half of Parrot’s name. She’s just great with people!

– She’s also learnt ‘NO’! :D

– She LOVES to eat. She also loves throwing food, and face and body painting with food ;) Yoghurt, pasta, melty chocolate, whole milk in a sippy cup, grapes and banana are her favourites

– Looking at books is a favourite activity, altthough not for long because it involves sitting still. Tasting books is also fun ;)

– Huggles with Gama are also fun :D Gama loves them too. In fact, Gama’s heart nearly bursts every time she gets a shrieking lump of toddler in her lap flinging her arms out for a cuddle :)

– She is so sweet when she is sleeping!

– She has taken to batting and stroking Mama on the stomach. She shrieks with shock and delight when she feels sudden kicking motions beneath her little hands. However she gets very frustrated with Mama when Mama is too tired to play any more and it’s Dada or no one

Kestrel and Parrot adore their roles as Aunt and Uncle. They constantly try and play with her, engage her, they want to help out. Parrot even offered to help with her stinky nappy, bless him! Kestrel aged 17 needs more supervision with Robin than 8 year old Parrot does sadly. Kess doesn’t understand why she can’t keep offering sweets, that she can’t try and wake her up in the middle of her nap, she tries to direct her too much and she gets upset when she can’t calm the crying toddler down :( But although Robin gets frustrated with her auntie sometimes, they clearly love each other so much :)

Our family day ended with a lovely dinner (cooked by me with even more help from my kind and responsible Parrot) and me loading a sleeping cherub into the car to go home. I miss her already!

And when I see my family together like that, I think – How blessed am I?!

Also, I give you –

hehehe :D

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