Happy New Year!

Just a quickie to say Happy New Year to everyone :) May 2014 bring you good times, progress, achievements and happiness

I haven’t made any resolutions, I just don’t do them any more. I don’t want to set myself up to fail at anything, whether it’s to eat less x, or donate more to y. Instead, I take each day individually and do whatever I can every day. If i have a bad day, I haven’t failed because I never set myself an official goal, but if I do well, I can still feel good about myself.

Parrot however, has made a list for the first time. In previous years, he has just had a ‘wish list for this year’. The problem is, he didn’t quite grasp the fact that unlike wishes, resolutions have to be things you can reasonable achieve by yourself. So I had to explain to him that ‘become an uncle again, but this time to a boy, not a third girl’ is not a resolution, because he can’t become an Uncle on his own nor can he compel Rhea and her husband to have another baby and make it be a boy!! I also advised him that it was definitely not going to happen this year, because as much as we’re part of a clan of big families (I’m one of 4, my ma is one of 6, my da was one of 7, I have 3 kids, Rhea has 5 other siblings, Rhea’s husband is one of 5, and all of his family have had lots of children each) and Rhea and husband certainly want more than 2 children (if they stopped now, they’d be one of the smallest families in the extended clan), they don’t plan on having 3 in 3 years :o So no 2014 baby for them

He was sad about this (well, of course he is, he gets to play and do tiny caring things for his neices but has no responsibility for them!) but has replaced it with a dfferent resolution which is to join a martial arts club of some description and try his best at that

(cough cough, who has to pay for the training and kit, and can’t really afford it, cough cough) but leaving that aside, I love that my children are keen to do excercise

DD2 has been running with my best friend some evenings and has made a resolution to keep doing it.

Ther Gerbils can join me in not having resolutions. If they did have them, I’m sure it would be ’cause more havoc, eat more sunflower seeds and sleep more’

Best wishes to all x

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3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Yes Happy New Year and I’m with you this year on no resolutions as such (currently working on my post). I love the idea of Parrot making a list but yes I can see how some may be unachievable.

    Thank for linking up with The weekly Adoption Shout Out. x

  2. Happy New Year – I’m with you, I have resolved in the past to do things and then just feel bad when I don’t do them. I hope Parrot achieves his goal of martial arts club.

    Many thanks for linking up to The Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

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